Back in 1998, in the city of Dhaka, the first edition then christened as ICC Knockout and popularly called as the mini World Cup took the cricketing world by storm. Nearly two decades later, the eighth edition — ICC Champions Trophy 2017 — will be held in England and Wales from June 1 to 18. […]


Mobile Apps for Good Health

When we think of smartphone apps, we tend to think of popular games, such as the one featuring the misadventures of a certainly animated plumber, or the one that allows you to mine blocks and builds shapes while exploring unfamiliar worlds. Smartphone apps are not all fun and games, however. An increasing number of folks […]


Ultimate League reveals Liverpool are England’s top team, followed by Man Utd and Arsenal

Liverpool remain the top team in England but Arsenal have overtaken Manchester United into second, according to the Sky Sports Ultimate League, which calculates clubs’ average position over the past 50 years. Liverpool topped the 89-team table – which incorporates the 2016/17 season – with an average league position of 3.44, buoyed by their phenomenal […]


More people infected by recent WannaCry worm can unlock PCs without paying ransom Unlock Your Files For Free !

This page aims to help you remove WannaCry Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any WannaCry Virus file can be recovered. New hope glimmered on Friday for people hit by last week’s virulent ransomware worm after researchers showed that a broader range of PCs infected by WannaCry can be unlocked without owners making the $300 […]


How to Effectively Reduce and Manage Stress

Stress Management Using stress management as an approach to weight loss is often cited as being a viable alternative for individuals that notice themselves overeating, or eating “junk food” when stressed or suffering from anxiety. Stress-eating is a common ailment among individuals throughout the Unites States, and it is estimated that approximately 4 out of […]


Natural Sources of Carbohydrates

By far, the best place to get the carbohydrates that your body needs is from natural sources. While carbohydrate supplements can be valuable for individuals that have severe deficiencies, consuming as many carbohydrates as possible from natural whole food sources is the most healthy approach for the human body. Provided in this article are good […]


Healthy Food Recipes

What’s holding you back from making health eating choices? If you’re like most Americans, eating out has become the norm and your body might be paying for it. Many individuals lack the time and skill to prepare meals for themselves. With the rise of fast food, it’s often just more convenient to pack up the […]