Creativity stuck in Corporate world

Well, is there any specific platform to showcase your creativity? For this, my answer always would be a “NO”. As I always say, creativity comes with practice, practicing what you love, whether its a programming language, sport, other arts, there is neither a limit nor a specific department for your creativity.

In my view, the choice people make irrespective of their interests has led to this statement. The choice between living your dreams and living others’ dreams, the choice between earning Money and satisfaction, the choice between compromise and convince, the choice between Risk and Routine life, somewhere in these choices we make, mistakes happen. But remember life goes on. It doesn’t ask you if you have any second thought. If you decide to follow your dream, you need to take a risk and most of us, unfortunately, won’t be in a position to chase our interests. People have their own reasons for not following their heart.

There is nothing called “Getting stuck” because if you have something in mind which is killing the inner “You”, then you have lot many things to do these days as we have a very good social media platforms to showcase our skills. Start exploring the new things and if you talk about time here, all I can say is you have to manage it. And yes, I strongly believe that we can do anything for our passion. The job just gives us financial satisfaction and at the end, when you look back, you should never feel that you have left something which only 10% of people could do while running with 90% of people.

It’s never too late to begin. It’s never too late to learn. But the thing is that you need to identify your interests and get ready for the risk. If you feel like you are a creative mind stuck in the Corporate world, then what is that interest you have which is making you feel so? What is that you could do if you want to choose that field? What should you learn and what kind people you need to guide you through this?  You need to have answers to all these. It doesn’t make any sense if you sit in your office and feel that you are a creative mind stuck in a corporate world. Start, work hard and if you succeed, go ahead. If you fail, start again. If you give up, give it up for a life time. Because, if you felt like giving up something, then it’s not your passion at all.

One Life. One Chance. In this one chance, we get,  try to be a performer  on stage rather than being one among the audience 🙂

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